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August 03, 2015



Have fun with your prize Veronica!

michele t

Congrats to Veronica!!!

Christine O

Congratulations Veronica :) Happy sewing :)

Christine B.

Congratulations to Veronica! :)


Woohoo! Great win Veronica. Congrats. Enjoy.

Rachel Lane

Well done Veronica - enjoy! 😉


Congratulations Veronica and thank you Anni!

Just popping in Anni to say I just love your Quiltmania book....and also to let you know my Son is taking me to PARIS.....can you believe that, and we are leaving soon too!

Hope all is well with you and your Family!

Karen Olsen

I just found your blog!!!!!I love it. The quilt that is on your "front page" is super great!!Do you have a pattern for it??? If so how can I get it.
I'm in Folsom, California USA. I just love the "Ausi" style. I am almost done with Di Ford's Rotherfields Grey. I'm on the last round.

Mariangela Fiddaman

Love the front cover of your new book. Regards from Colchester Essex UK

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