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June 07, 2015


Christine B.

Very cute fabric line and your new projects are already looking lovely Anni! :) x




All the quirkiness and gorgeousness we could wish for - another fun collection, Anni.

lyn lindsay

Yaya! is right bless you Anni still have 2 Christmas trees (yours of course) to do for Christmas will be in touch re fabric, ooh so excited...thanks for the hard work of design, love your fabric and of course the patterns I use over and over again, or am I a bad customer for using them over and over??? I good at telling everyone about your website.
Lyn, Brisbane


Gorgeous collection.


Lovely fabric and it is already at Hobbysew! I have been staring at the panel thinking about bunting!Can't wait to see what you are making!


So loovely!


Beautiful ! as always !


a beautiful range Anni......congrats...........


Just gorgeous, ahh more temptation

Ana García

Hello Annie!!!
Oh my God....I LOVE IT!!!
Your new fabrics are beautiful!!!
I`m very nervous thinking about the beautiful and absolutely gorgeous new projects you will make with it.
Best wishes from Spain!!!


Wow,a new beautifull range :-) love it and hope to get some of it soon :-)

Rachel Lane

Absolutely gorgeous as always - I know what's going on my sewing wish list!!xx

Christine O

You never cease to amaze and delight us. A another beautiful range Anni. Thank you :)


What a beautiful fabrics !!!
I just finished my quilt top of the Natures Journey. I worked on it for 59 days and it was a lot of fun to make it.
I hope to start with the quilting this week.
If you want to take a look at the quilt, you can find it here on my blog:


Still another beautiful range of fabrics and a little peek at your next work… enough to make us impatient to see the rest of it …. really cruel !

Pam White

Hi Anni, oh so super cute!!! Adorable, another winner! Well done! Have a great day. Pam


This is sooooo cute!!! Can't wait to see it here in my 'own' quiltshop in the Netherlands. ;-)


I've finished the tabletop "Under the Mistletoe" (for the quiltshop), quilted it by machine and it was such a fun project to make!

Wendy Vidler

I love your new fabrics and patterns and would love to get them when available (That's the Christmas ones)

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