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May 18, 2015


lyn lindsay

Anni I don't think you have a screw loose I am working on 3 of your free standing Christmas trees from a few years ago, all for my daughters I love doing that tree, have had mine for about 3 Christmasses now, love your wallhanging, I must think about doing that one as well.
Thanks for the post Anni always good to see your work.
Lyn, Brisbane

Ondrea Delahoy

So good to see you back in blog land. I had a suspicion that you were seriously up to something great. Whamo! There ya go lol. Congrats and I look forward to seeing some pics of your new ventures.


So looking forward to seeing all the new things!!! So lovely to catch up with you at the shop recently.


Looks nice Anni, I have that book from a few years ago.

Christine O

Woohoo I can't wait to see what you have been creating!!! So lovely to hear what you have been up to. Have a lovely a week :)


Looks gorgeous Anni, I do Christmas things all year round, I am currently finishing a Christmas row by row that 2friends and I designed for our quilting group, great fun.

Rachel Lane

Can't have too much Christmas in my opinion!! Sounds like you are working round the clock - glad you're OK, if a wee bit frazzled!! Is it the Christmas Story book? I love making things from that one - it was the first one of yours I bought! Sadly it means I won't have an excuse to buy this one!!! Take care x


You truly are amazing - looking forward to seeing all your new things at the show!

Jo in Tas

Didn't you go to market this year?
Always love a xmas book.

Christine B.

Hello Anni! This looks a gorgeous book! Nice to hear from you! :) x


you always have so much going on which is great.............that designing mind is on constant creativeness...........

Louise Lott

ALways great to see what you're up to. Hope you had a great time at Spring Market.... we need pictures.... Congrats on the "new" book

Pam White

Hi Anni, great to hear all is going so well. Very excited for you. Keep up the good work, I agree u can never have too much Xmas and its never too early to start planning! Remember...we hav to get the pattern, source the fabrics and decide how many to make. So lucky for us, your designs in your fabrics helps us. Have a great day. Pam


A new book ! I look forward to discovering it. No doubt it will be as beautiful as your previous ones ! I can't wait …. !

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