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January 07, 2015



Oh you already know how much I love get back to the sorting and stop eating chocolate.......and you can do mine once your finished.........
CONGRATS on another gorgeous quilt........your just a "wizbang" designer......the best in Australia.......unique designs we all LOVE...

still amazes me you have fans right around the world.......the internet sure does make the world small...........

Fiona H

Gorgeous Anni ... I love it and am looking forward to making it!! Xx

Oddbjørg Pedersen

I'm so excited to make this quilt. I have joined Ckooky's SAL for the first time, and I look forward to sew together with so many women all over the world. Hopefully I'll have a beautiful quilt at the end of the year.
Oddbjørg in Norway


Can't wait to get started. I've joined Chookyblues SAL. I really enjoyed making Gossips last year.

Sharon Burgess

Looks wonderful. I picked up my pattern today at my LQS :)


Such a gorgeous quilt Anni - just love it and I look forward to making it along with the others that have joined Chooky's stitchalong

Marg Harm

I've made a number of your designs, including Some Kind of Wonderful. I think this is the most beautiful of all. Can't wait to start the Stitch-a-long with Chooky and the girls. So excited.

Nay Campbell

Hi Anni loving the finished quilt I have joined Chookyblues SAL for 2015 - I have been viewing the blog for the last 4 years and have finally got the courage to join and was even pleasantly surprised and pleased to find it is one of your own quilts yeah. Have just ordered it online for Hatched and Patched thanks again

Lea Gant

Hi Anni,
I LOve it!! I've joined Chooky"s SAL.. so hopefully I'll get it made.
It feels so good to have a clean up and get organised!!.. I'm still trying!!
:) Lea


Hi Anni,
You know that I'm a big fan. I love the new quilt and I joined once again Chookyblues SAL!!! I'm also making the Gossip in the garden.
I'm going to order the pattern when I finish this message.
Thanks for all the beautiful patterns you make.
Have a nice day,

The Snowflower Diaries

Hello Anni,

I am so happy to be part of Chookyblue's SAL this year, I love your quilt so much and cannot wait to start it!:-)
I order asap from you, too!
Best wishes from Hungary, Mid-Eastern Europe,


Beautiful. Another wonderful quilt to make.
Happy new year to you!


Happy New Year Anni, what a great start - a new pattern. I'm also joining Chookyblue for the SAL.


Hi Anni :-)
Happy new year !
The new quilt are soo great. I can't wait to start sewing it.... As you may guess I too are in Donnas SAL ...
This will be soo funn.
Your free Christmas stitchery are aaaaalmost done to.
Big hugs from The snow and ice land 😉


Can't wait. I have joined chookys SAL. Thankyou very much for another lovely pattern.


Gorgeous! I've just ordered a copy, and have joined Chooky's SAL. Can't wait to start!

Happy New Year!

Noela Young

Hi Anni
I am a member of Chooky's SAL and am very much looking forward to making your new quilt. It is gorgeous. Happy New Year!

Lori P

Hi Anni. Gorgeous quilt! I have made a few of yours. I have joined the stitch-a-long and am from Canada. Can't wait to get started!

Lori P

Oops my website was wrong above. It's linked below


I'm a SAL girl too! Have made several of your quilts over the years, and am really looking forward to stitching along in 2015. Thanks for another beautiful pattern xxx


Oh wow that's just so incredibly gorgeous Anni!!!! So excited to be making one of these myself - as one of the SAL girls!!! Thank you for another gorgeous pattern!!!

Peggy Mccall

Oh I am so excited to stitch this! I have joined Chooky's SAL for the first time and hoping to get the pattern in Canada soon!

Christine B.

Happy New Year Anni... so glad 2015 has got off to a good start for you! Love this beautiful quilt... I may have to add it to my ever-growing list of 'things to make' for 2015! :) xx

Sofia Menezes

Hi Anni,
I LOVE it!
I am a member of Chooky's SAL and am very much looking forward to making your new quilt. It is gorgeous.
Happy New Year!

Sharon Jones

Hi Anni
Looking so forward to starting this beautiful quilt. You are one very talented lady.
Have joined Chooky's SAL.

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