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November 16, 2014



Looks like ANOTHER tempting project!


Lovely as always! Really enjoying the little peeks.

Natalia (aka Koala)

Yes, agree with the first comment :-))) And those circles - so unusual, how are they done?...


maybe I should have stayed another would be finished now.....then I would have avoided lamb marking........mush nicer here today...

Ondrea Delahoy

Oh my! Nearly finished already? You have been keeping out of mischief by the look of all that applique. Some of those fabrics remind me of some 1800 reproductions that I so love. So, what's the next project? Hehehe.

Christine B.

Hello Anni! It is looking beautiful... can't wait to see the finished quilt! :) xx

Christine O

It is just beautiful. Your talent and creativity never ceases to inspire xx

Holley Downs

Love the circles! So excited about seeing the finished quilt!


O I hope we can see soon what you are making. As I can see I like it very much.


Are you sad because it is nearly finished ?? Be sure it will make a lot of happy ladies very soon !!


Hi Anni... LOVING your new quilt. Why are you so sad???? WE LOVE you Anni.


Le rat des fils

Oh la la la ! Anni !
I have to hurry and finish my Gossip in the garden ;-)


Love it!

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