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November 25, 2014



What a lovely fabrics bundle!! Well, as for me, I prefer small prints, which I can use in fussy cutting and then in pieced quilt. I love to chose the colour and watch how different fabrics come together to make a picture. I am not a fan of large printed images (panels) that one can easily use and make a quick quilt - it 's a bit like cheating for me :-)
Looking forward to see this book in the shops :-) the quilts you showed , Anni, are beautiful, especially yours and the scrappy one :-)


I can use either. There are so many patterns and ideas out there for using fabric today I find I can easily fit any fabric I like into something. This fabric is beautiful. I see a wonderful little girls room.

Ondrea Delahoy

Ooooo, wonderful book and lovely fabrics. I like to use both actually. I like fabric with images to use as borders and like to use plain fabric as a background for stitcheries and appliques. Images are great for themes when gifting to someone who likes certain things and for I Spy quilts. So, there is use for each in my sewing world.


Me too, I like and use both! But I tend to use more fabrics with a small overallprint, like flowers ...and do my own applique or stitchery.
Your heatbag is so lovely!


Hopity blog hop!! Your heat bag is on myto make list along with many more of your designs!
L*O*V*E that fabric bundle would make up beautifully for one of my granddaughtersxxx

Pam White

Hi Anni, as you know...I love your work...keep it up!! And your wee cushion is adorable!!! As for the giveaway....those busy bees remind me of my niece who had just started walking...I mean running around like a busy bees. Thanks for the chance to win. I hope you & your family hav a fabulous Christmas.

Christine B.

Hello Anni! What a beautiful book and a beautiful bundle of fabrics! I like to use a mix of prints and applique... depends on what I am making but both are great!! :) xx


When i first started patchwork i used both. When i learned how to applique i stopped buying fabrics with a print; tone on tone fabrics and small print fabrics were more easy to use in applique and my quilts looked more "grown up".
But two years ago it changed again; seeing the tumble quilt from supergoof and realising that it are the fabrics with images that made it so much fun. It added another layer of interest. I started to collect fabrics with images and started using them in patchwork quilts.
A few months ago i had a stonefields workshop with Susan Smith and now i'm using fabrics with an image also in my applique.
Using fabrics with images is a learning process for me, but it is one i enjoy very much!


I like and use both. I mostly piece, but do some appliqué from time to time.

Katharina Winkler-Weber

I use both - different projects need different styles of fabrics. For projects for myself I prefer plain fabrics in a modern style, but for gifts I like to use fabrics with smaller or bigger alloverprints, often in soft colors.


I use both depending on what I am making and who it is for. For my self I like images! thanks!

Sandy Bailey

I love fabric with images already printed on. I really haven't tried applique yet but have been wanting to tho time is an issue for me.


I prefer subtle little itsy bitsy prints - tiny flowers or hearts etc in tone on tone or limited colour palette.

Carrie P.

i like using both but it really depends on what i am working. i do a lot of applique though.

Nancy Page

I like fabric with images printed but I also like to create my own images in the form of hand embroidery or applique. Thank you for this great giveaway.
Have a super great sewing and stitching day!


I think I prefer to buy fabric that has an image printed on it, but I believe I am interested in transitioning over to creating my own design by piecing the fabric. What an interesting and provocative question you asked!


I love to use both, sometimes not in a conventional way (like a kalidiscope design. I love to piece and applique, so both work well together:)

Margaret Schindler

I like to use both.Although sometimes when an image is printed on it there is a challenge to figure out just how to use it.


What a nice bundle of fabric. It reminds me on the summer: Light colors and so nice. You would it will never stop. It's perfect for a quilt i have in my mind ......

Judy Spott

This fabric bundle is waving to me from the page.
Saying TAKE ME HOME!!How beautiful!!.


I love them all, using applique or embroidery can add a lot to a quilt. But I love a printed fabric too. It's all good! :) Thanks so much for having this giveaway and I would so love to win this sweet fabric :) The little bees are adorable! My daughter has bees and I could make something cute for her if I won it.


I have done stitchery on some of my quilt projects, but since they take quite a bit of time I usually just used fabric with images on it. The more variety, the better!

Diana Wilson

I love small prints especially when making baby quilts or small children quilts.


I do both. Bed quilts are alays printed fabric but I love making table runners & mini wall quilts which are mostly applique.

LeAnne L

I'm not very good at applique, so I'd much prefer great prints already on the fabric.

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