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October 08, 2012


Koala (Natalia)

What a gorgeous fabric collection! Quilt in progress looks delicious, Anni :-))


And thank you Anni for the chance....Have fun on that fence ha ha!


Hi Anni... Congratulations to Shirley....She will have heaps of fun with your new fabric line Anni... LOVING your new quilt creation....



Congratulations to the very lucky winner. That upcomming quilt is looking good so far. Did you used to be indecisive but now you're not so sure? LOL


Woohoo Shirley! Have fun!

Christine B.

Hi Anni and congratulations to Shirley!! Love your 'messy' quilt. The colours from this collection are so pretty. Looking forward to seeing your finished quilt! Have fun playing!! :)


Congratulations to Shirley. She is one lucky lady. I love the colours/fabric you have chosen for you new quilt. Looking forward to seeing the progress. Now, you had better jump of your fence and get into the sewing room. Have fun


Shirley's very lucky to win your give-away. Can't wait to see your new quilt when it's finished I'm sure it will be just as beautiful as all of your other designs!

Anni Downs

Thanks Robyn!

Hopefully youll be the winner next time – would be great to have someone in Australia win something occasionally!!!

Hope all is well


Le rat des fils

Congratulations to Shirley.

This gives us a good idea of what your new quilt will be like. Gorgeous, once again !


Congrats to Shirley. I was in Bathurst over the weekend. I missed the shop on Saturday arrived at 3pm. I took some photos. I was lucky enough to visit Abercombe house. Maybe next time I will come during the week.

Thimble Room

Congratulations, Shirley!

I like the colours of the new quilt - pretty!

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