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September 05, 2012



oh I am getting this range into my shop...cant wait anni!!! its gorgeous...glad your son is on the mend...its an awful time when loved ones are sick.


So glad to hear that Tim is well and managed the surgery well! Such a worry for all of you. The new range looks gorgeous as do the new projects!


Hi Anni,
I hope your son is starting to feel better and that he has a speedy and full recovery.
Your new fabric collection looks great, I cant wait to get my hands on some! I especially LOVE the panel images and am excited to see what projects you have in store for them.

May Britt

Big hug to you and your family. Always a rough time when the children are sick. Hope he has a fast recovery now.
Love your new fabrics. Spottet several that I have to look for in the shop :)


I have been thinking of you all and was wondering if Tim had had his surgery... I am glad it is out of the way and hope it was a success-keep an eye out in the mail ;) !!!

Love the new fabric range and projects you are creating, looks like I will need to save my pennies!! X

Christine B.

Hello Anni! Sorry to hear about your son needing surgery but, glad to hear that it all went smoothly and, hope that he makes a very quick recovery. LOVE the new fabric range. Hope to find some in the shops here soon. Take care. :)

Lisa Pyke

Love your new fabric range Anni!!!
So pleased to hear your son is on the is such a worrying time when they are having surgery. Our son went through a 3 1/2 hour surgery back in May to remove a bone tumour, so I can relate to what stress you went through.

Deb R

Wishing Tim a speedy recovery!! Congrats on the new range, loving the colours...cant wait to see what you have designed!!

Yvonne W

Sorry to hear that Tim needed surgery-- but glad to hear that he is better.


Hi Anni,
I hope your son is having a quick recovery. The fabrics look nice!!!
Love, Martine


I'm glad to hear your son is improving! And I love that fabric, especially the panel! That little fly is so cute! :0)


Hope Tim is well on the road to recovery and feeling brighter - it must have been an awful time for you all.Thinking of you all the way from the UK x


Hi Anni ! I hope your son is OK now !! It must have been a bad time for all the family ....
Your new fabrics look great !! For the moment I plan to get the Christmas ones next week at our European quiltshow in Ste Marie aux Mines (France).... I hope to see you day !!

Meg Howie

Hi Annie, glad to hear that your son is on the mend. It has been a terrible with illness, this dreaded flu has attached our household. so excited about your new fabric range, cannot wait to get some in my sewing room. Keep up the good work, love reading your mail messages. Sending big hugs Meg xxx


Anni, while I love reading your blog and keeping up to date with all your beautiful designs you should never feel the need to apologise for being a mum and having a family to look after besides your craft and business. I am sorry to hear that your son has had to undergo the surgery and hope that he is now well on the mend. Many angel hugs to you and your family. It must have been a very stressful time for you all. I remember what it was like when one of my daughter's was in hospital for 8 weeks when she was a child.

I soooo love your new range of fabrics and that panel is a must buy when it becaomes available.

Angel blessings.


Anni.. Wow that is such great news about Tim... You all have been on my mind since the workshop... I am sure you are all so relieved.... Glad he and you are all smiling again....

LOVE your new fabric range....



Anni, family is so much more important than a blog!! We all love to hear about whats happening but we all understand that we need to be available for our kids, hubby, parents, etc.Don't apologise for not blogging. You have obviously been busy with another beautiful range coming soon.Take care.


Hi Anni and Pete, Glad to hear everything went well with Tim, I have been thinking of you. The fabrics look great looking forward to seeing what you are creating


Your fabrics are so beautiful and cute!
I'm glad to hear that Tim is OK!


Sarah Rothe

Hi Anni, I am sorry to hear of Tim's illness and surgery. I'm glad he is recovering well. What happened to him? Remember the hierarchy of importance in life: health, family, THEN work!
I have just bought your latest book and added it to the one day pile! Sarah

 Le rat des fils

Your new fabric collection is very beautiful.

Good recovery Tim.


Hi Anni,
Sorry to hear about the difficult time with your son. Glad to hear he is doing well. I love the new fabric. The panel is so much fun. Can't wait to see it in person. May it help you to know that friends in Utah are thinking of you and wishing you all the best!


I'm glad your little Tim is better and getting around. Kids spring back much better than us!
I love the looks of the new line. I will be looking for it at Red Rooster here in Ohio.
Hugs, Connie

Nikki Tervo

So glad to hear Timmy is up and running again!
I know how worried you all were!!
Your fabric is gorgeous and Mike has just asked me to put the range into my shop! Must be good if a 16 year old boy wants some. LOL
Well done! I simply don't know how you manage to achieve all that you do!!
Hugs to the family
Nikki, John and Co.


So glad your son is Ok Anni. The new fabric range looks fantastic, congratulations on its arrival.Looking forward to seeing the projects.

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