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September 17, 2012



Love you pillow case. Anni, is there any of this range of fabric left for purchase?


Anni, first, I hope your son is very well.
And the pillow and its destination are simply wonderful.


What a fantastic idea! I knew about the pillow case challenge from the American Quilting Mag. I have suggested it to my Caring and Sharing group who make many quilts for charity. Also to my knitting group. I particularly love the use of your fabric on that pillow case.

Sometimes donating them to the siblings of children who are in hospital as well as the hospitalised child is also nice as they miss out on a lot while their brothr or sister is so ill.

Mical Hussy

I would be flattened if all websites gave articles like that.

Lenna Green

Glad all went well with your son and that things are now back on track. I'm also struggling with the blogging, lost a bit of motivation lately. You know how it is!

wellness at work

Pillow cases also adds a beauty in our place that's why I am particular with color and print of our pillow cases in house which matches to our interior.

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