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March 04, 2011



It is so eautiful, I like it so much. Congratulations.
Kisses from Spain


Annie you really are so creative and we are glad you keep coming up with new wonderful designs.Is the angel the same as from Angel Story? I will be hoping we get that pattern at our store.YUMO!!!!


oh she is lovely Anni......

Sue H.

Oh Annie, that is waaay too cute! Really lovely work - well done.

Tracee (Quilt Kitty)

Gorgeous & useful!

May Britt

This is sooooo cute. I have to find a store selling this pattern. It is a must-have pattern :)


Looks great!


Es precioso, estoy impaciente por comprar el patrón...lovely...

Cyrielle Lemeunier

c'est magnifique !

(It's wonderful !)


This is just awesome - Great pattern & the angel is too cute !!!


Anni... another too cute project. I love it. Now I won't lose anything.


Martine Van de Putte

Hi Anni, another lovely pattern!!!
Can I buy it also in Belgium? I would love to make it. I can't wait to see the new book!!!


That's just as cute as can be. And so functional!! ~karen


i love every thing you do...

Sarah Rothe

Hopefully getting a pattern out is not as sweaty, or so painful you need drugs!

Kylie Harvey

Just beautiful! But where is the chocolate pocket??? Tee hee!

Margaret Witt

I always love your patterns and this one is precious.. I hope I can get it at Buggy Barn,, that is where I got my pinchushion pattern..

Erica K

That is absolutely adorable!!! I agree, the accessories are wonderful! I love that it holds the rotary cutter and seam ripper too. That makes it a little more handy than your average 'tool holder.' Needless to say, I love it! :)


Hope you'll have some of these available at Nundle. Looks gorgeous. Not long 'til we get there.


Lovely! Congratulations!

dufour nadine

j'ai réalisé votre modèle de trousse "ange de couture" paru dans le magasine quilt country en france, c'était mon premier vrai travail de patch et j'ai adoré, vos modèles me plaisent beaucoup et je compte bien vous suivre de prés dans l'actualité de vos créations. BRAVO


I just discovered you via Chookyblue and am so thrilled!! I adore your Sewing Angel Tool Store and may just have to purchase the pattern as a gift even though I'm not supposed to be spending ... oops :) Adorable!! Thank you so much for your creativitiy!


Love it, Love it, LOVE IT!!! Now I will be able to keep all my bits together whilst sitting on the side of a sporting field watching/waiting for my children. Thankyou Anni


Hi Anni were can i get the pattern?? Thanks


Well, this store really has what we most needed in terms of tailoring. I do really wanted to go in there to buy some of them. Nice post anyway.

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