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July 17, 2010


Danyell Bruton

You are truelly inspirational Annie. So much so, that for my first ever quilting retreat, I am travelling from Adelaide to Toowoomba so I can go to one that you will be at!


Thank you for sharing the story of your beginnings!! My family has just been for a "roadtrip" and your beautiful store was a major highlight of the trip for me. I enjoyed a lovely time in your shop while the boys "completed some laps of the track"!!!! Congratulations on your beautiful designs and lovely shop - a wonderful success story!


It is great to hear your "stitching" story. The "Little Quilts" book was one of the first books I bought too and I made a few of the projects out of it as well. I am so glad you design such beautiful patterns as I have so enjoyed making lots of them. I have just completed another block of the Gardener's journal quilt this afternoon!


No I didn't fall asleep, that was great to see how you started and EVERYONE starts somewhere.Thankyou for sharing.

'Robyn' of Robyn's Nest

Thanks Anni for taking the time to tell your story,thank googness for you & Pete got sick of city life,(thanks to Tracey & Carey too) I wonder how different your life would be & where you'd be living now if you hadn't taken that initial 1st step


only the best people get to live in Tracey is still teaching people patchwork/sewing.......shame Honeysuckle Cottage was sold and moved.......still have to drive to far to get to a patchwork and Pete have worked hard and deserve to be where your at in life.........ENJOY..........



Thanks for sharing your story... it didn't make me fall to sleep. It is always interesting to find out how talented designers like yourself started..

Now look at your great designs.. as you know I LOVE them all.



How nice to read about how you got started! Your older quilts are still lovely! I especially like the second one! :0)


What a great blog read.Thanks for the slice of history, Annie.Ha Ha Pete the mad scientist!!


No falling asleep at all. What a great story I loved reading about how you started out with quilting and how your lives have evolved. Thanks

Nay from Nays Place

Thanks for the sharing Annie - an inspiration to us all. Makes us realise that somewhere, we a lot of love and understanding our dreams can come true.


You know the number of fans you have all over the world!!!
I love your designs and feel really happy reading how all started.
Thanks for sharing.
Best regards from Spain

Sue Spargo

It was great to hear the history. Looking forward to seeing you and Pete soon.


Hi Anni, I have always wondered how you got to where you are today, so thank you EVER so much for enlightening us with your story! Very, very interesting and no falling asleep reading it! Hope to visit you again soon at the shop (in the meantime I am busily beavering away on all the kits I bought from you in Sydney!) Smiles X

lyn lindsay

NO Anni didn't fall asleep and am enjoying constructing the Boys Cot Quilt for my grandson, having fun and glad you kept moving on and developing, good story...I look forward to all you have planned for the future, from one sew-er to another.

Erica K

That was great! I'm so glad you decided to share! :D


Hey Anni & Pete, missed you in Sydney but are looking forward to seeing you both at the Trade Show in Melb. Loved the history of your foray into patchwork. Looking forward to another book(?) to be launched at the Melb Trade Show. Currently in Katherine and heading to WA in 2 days for about 3 months, will be home in time for the trade show, I will be the most relaxed person there!!
Love Claire

Bec OhSewBusy

Thanks for sharing this Anni, it was lovely to read how you started off.
I have to say that your first quilt design 'Day in the Country' has always reminded me of the Amish with the brighter, more plain fabrics in it.

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