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February 12, 2010



Thanks for letting us know about the error. I'll mention it to anyone I know who has bought the book at Hobbysew.


Muchas gracias por tu aclaración.

Hace poco he adquirido una copia de tu libro y ya he iniciado el trabajo, pero con una variación: estoy trabajando tu diseño a modo de redwork.

Si te interesa ver el resultado (¡es precioso!), te invito a pasar por mi blog, lo que será un gran honor para mi.

Felicidades por tu trabajo, y de nuevo, gracias, desde España.

Nay from Nays Place

Hi Annie nice to know about the mistake as I have been collecting fabrics and was planning on starting this weekend. Also jsut a small query in the book it mentioned getting your alphabet from you website I have not been able to find where.
The above comment from Elena in Spain is lovely -isnt it great to know your book is being found all over the world. I would love to see her work finished - how unusual it would be to see your designs in redwork.
My stitcheries are almost finished and I cant wait to start seeing it all together - once again thankyou for such a lovely boys story

Ida Lively

I had just ordered the book from you, and hope that it's winging its way to the US. I've bookmarked this page ....

Do you have a 'OOPS' page on your website for just these occasions? If not, perhaps it's a useful suggestion. We know that we're human, and therefore not perfect ... and as you produce more books, there may be more 'human happenings' ;)




life happens..........good to post about it here........not long til Nundle........


Hi Anni,
Just reading about your email problems. Wondered if you've tried to empty you deleted items box? My mail wasn't coming through once due to an 'overly full' deleted items box. Whoops!


Feel sorry for you but sometimes mishaps comes in three. And I think you got your share for now. We are all only human, and some times the computers not working as they are supposed to. I really enjoy your lovely patterns. Thank you for giving us all such a nice sewing time! Kind regards from Sweden

Geniene Barbour

Thanks I've updated my book. Just started on the stitcheries and I am working on the Archer one at the moment. I have finished the scary spider one and will post pics on my blog when I find some time.
Thanks for a wonderful book.
Cheers Geniene

Glòria Torra Vallès

Thanks for your book it is fantastic. I would like where are you buy the blue stripe fabric for the "PJ BAG"? My son it is a areoplane fanatic, and I want do this pretty bag.
Please, writte me.
Glòria Torra (Catalunya - Spain)


When the going gets tough- the tough go....canoeing!!!

Linda Wooding

Hi, thank you for letting me know. I have been aiming to do this BOM because I love it but have been having trouble with the supplier. Am I also able to get the alphabet emailed to me or a link emailed for the Dad's quilt as I am doing that for my son. I love your book and have already done quite a bit out of it. Thank you.

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