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September 18, 2009


Jo in TAS

I'm loving it already Annie! I just love how you put colours together!


Looks great!!! beautiful colours :))


Well done, Anni. Can't wait to see a copy.

Rachel D.

"Dear Santa, as I've been a very good girl, I thought I may receive the latest book of Hatched and Patched for Xmas..." ;-)
Anni, your book is wonderful. So please let us know when (and where) we can buy one. Hugs from Belgium.


Anni, I LOVE that you have included a pattern or two for older boys. I am looking for a new quilt pattern for my 12 year old son, and these look like they fit the bill perfectly! When will we be seeing this book in Aussie stores?


Anni, Congratulations... the book looks wonderful... You have done a great job.... Can't wait to get one in my own hands....

Sandy N

tracey petersen

Congratulations. I'm sure it will be a huge success.


Anni you did a GREAT job!
Congratulations and what I always like about your designs that they are so distinctively "Hatched and Patched"!! I am sure that the book will be a hit.
My niece is expecting her first child and now I hope it will be a BOY! (I know what book to buy 0):)
Ineke from Holland


Another great book!
I love the colours too.


I'm in love!! As usual Anni your talent astounds me!!! Love, love, love it.....alllll!!! Jo xox


Ohhh...Anni.. like what I see... and having a ten year old boy... this couldnt be better.. and of course DH and Dad.... loved the one with the stars... A must have..:o)...

Anne Heidi

Oh the book loos just as wonderful as your previous books! I really can't wait to see it in Houston :-) I'll have to order it for the shop!


Congratulations on the 'Boy book' Annie! Being a mother of a boy I know that this is a must have book! Thank you!.
happy stitching, P

Nay Campbell

Yeah computer problems aside it loooooooooks fantastic!!!!!! Yeah a boys book for big boys and little boys....the order will be in asap and I'm sure Houston will love it. congratulations yet again - ever since you 'sneaked peeked' the quilt at Loxton I have been very excited to see the snippets and sneak peeks and to see the final product is great. Well Done to you all.. Nay from Waikerie


Like? Like? That's an understatement!!!....I love all of your designs...and the fact that you've made them from cradle to....the proverbial grave!!!....... love it, love it, love it!
;o) Wendy B

Jocelyn House

Oh Annie it all looks wonderful. And I hate to admit it but I remember those days as well. Doing marks up for all the photos to be used with the sizes drawn on overlays, getting colour separations, checking out all the photos on transparencies at the light box, etc etc...oh and of course galley prints...

Hope your computer behaves itself now. We had this happen to ours earlier in the year when the hard drive decided to die.


YEAAHHH Anni! I remember talking to you about this oh so long ago! So pleased it has come to fruition as there just isn't alot of boy stuff out there.
How long till we can get your book in AU????

Robyn Brown

WOW! Love the pics. Can't wait to see this one myself. I know my son would LOVE that robot.

Danyell Bruton

Love Love Love it. Love the way you put colours together!
When will it be available here in Aus?
Well done!

Paulette Doyle

This book looks fantastic! Can't wait to get my hands on it!
Well done!


Well the colours alone are just lovely. Do I have to have a sex change if I want those patterns for myself?
(Actually, you'd better not answer that...)
Sorry about the computers, bet you are flavour of the month at your place!!!


It looks wonderful! Congratulations with the book, it gives so much satisfaction to finish something so great!


Oh. The book are great. Congrats ;-)
I wuold like to make the star quilt for my self...

Erica K

OMG...what bad computer luck you've had! I was wondering when you'd 'come back.' :)

I love what I'm seeing from the book!


complimenti , è bellissimo

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