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September 24, 2009


Jo in TAS

Good on the old locals for getting it ready in time! I'll have to get the Crow girls to order some copies! I'm looking forward to getting a copy!
Good Luck in Houston!!

Elizabeth McMahon

Congratulations, I'll have to look out for that one, lots of boys to DO for.


Congratulations! That book looks yummy!!! Hugs, L


Congratulations!! ... How exciting! ... Enjoy Houston!...
happy stitching, P

May Britt

Congratulations Annie. Love the starquilt you have in it, so I will be looking for this book

clare bower

Congratulations , it looks great !


Wow, congratulations and thank you! Enjoy Houston!

Paulette Doyle

I hope your book finds it's way to Canada! Looks fantastic!


PS thanks for designing a boy book, if i buy one i am sure my big boy (aka hubby) will put in an order for the flannel quilt! - my son has said he liked your sneak peeks too (when looking over my shoulder) lol :)


Congratulations....sometimes it pays to shop locally!!!
I'll be looking out for it!
;o) Wendy B

Rachel D.

Guest who's going to buy one ? ;-)
Thank you for bring us Xmas so early.



How exciting.....and congratulations.... I going to order my copy tonight!!!!! I can't wait to receive it.

Sandy N

Maryanne P

Congratulations, can't wait to see it if the flesh!!


Well done Annie. I have a copy on reserve at Karens. Have agreat time in Houston, busy busy busy


Congratulations Annie !!!

sheila fleming's so exciting. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Erica K

How wonderful to work with a company that really cares about you! :) Such exciting stuff!


Congratulations, i've 3 boys so where i can buy your book ?

Anni Downs

HI Liane

Hopefully you can buy my book everywhere ha ha ha. If not, I do have a
stockist list on my website (
), or you can order one directly
through me

Sounds like you're busy enough without sewing a stitch!!!


Congratulations,I hope you came to Spain soon. I like so much this quilts.
kisses from Spain


My copy will be arriving sometime next week, hopefully, and I can't wait to have it in my hot little hands!! Congratulations on a wonderful job!


hi Annie,well done.I ordered the book this morning off you guys with the added quilt kit!!!I will be busy wont I especially when the other son said he wants one too.Oh dear!!!The joys of it all.Look forward to starting it.Take care.

Love kylie


How lovely when all things go well Anni... Congratulations on publishing yet another enticing title !!!

Nay Campbell

A book that is sure to inspire - my boys have selected quilts from your cover photos and sneak peaks already and my dad (aka grumpy) has seen the star quilt and said 'about time you did something for me'. Enjoy Houston and all the success it brings - your quilts display a wholesome product full of 'goodness and homeliness' that makes us all appreciate what we have and what we would like to have. Thankyou again - another to add to the collection.


YIPEEE! Can't wait to get my hands on it. ;0

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