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August 27, 2009


Danyell Bruton

ooh, Looks great. Can't make to wait all these goodies for my 4 darling boys! Can't wait to see the book! Well done Anni.


The front cover will look just handsome (boys). I love the colours. Boys all over the world will love them. How cute Anni.

Sandy N


These quilts look so beauitiful Anni...can't wait to check them all out!


Wow Anni, really looking forward to this book. I am sure my son could do with at least one of those quilts.


Mmmm the quilts look very good, maybe hubby would like to relive his child hood and have me make one of those quilts.Can't wait for another 'hatched and patched' book.

Erica K

I can't wait to see the finished product! I'm seeing some very cute monsters... :)

Robyn...... of  'Robyn's Nest '

What can I say except the quilts in the photo look fantastic. I can't wait for the book to be released. I love the quilt on the right, especially the fabric colours, mustard, brown, cream, green I'm looking forward to making it for my son

Jo in TAS

Oh I love all that boyishness in those quilts! Looking forward to the book! Well done Annie!!


I can't wait for this book to be available. I have 2 new boys to make quilts for. ;0

Jo from the farm

The quilts look great, Anni. Hope all goes well with the book :-) Love Jo xxx


Just lovely all these quilts. They look so great together. Love this picture. And especially quilts for boys, that's just great!
Greetings from switzerland Martina


Hi Anni - wow, those quilts look so delicious, I can' wait to see them all laid out in the book! The robots are beckoning already, methinks!

Best wishes, Danielle


That'll make a very jolly and eye-grabbing cover! Over 1000 photos to pick and choose from? Golly me, that's some task! Goo'lok ma'am!

At the recent Festival of Quilts I got two of your books and a pattern and I'm so happy! The needles are leaping about in the needle case ready to get started!

Anne Heidi

That is a great shot- I love the look of those quilts! Can't wait to see the book.


Hello Anni!
It must be hardworking days for you and your family. I like the photo very much. Good luck!
Greatings Annika


It has been crazy weather down here in SA also. Love the quilt and what a trooper Tim is no teenage boy wants to be sleeping in his sisters room.


Hi Anni
I love the colours that you have used in this quilt. It says "boys" but not in a traditional way, the green is great. It also includes all the things kids love to talk about. Can't wait for the book, good luck.


Looks fabulous - in fact a great "teaser" pic - you are sure to do well with this one. Anyone with with boys in their family will be struggling to wait for the book to be released.


The photo looks great and I am sure the book will be wonderful. Thanks for showing us the quilts when we came to visit the shop a few weeks ago. We had a great time shopping.


I love them all... can't wait till the patterns are released!! HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job Anni!!


Can't wait for this book!

Anni Downs

Thanks Jill - I'm (hopefully) sending it to the printers today -


Anni Downs

Thanks AGAIN Christine - you are just the kindest person to say all of
those LOVELY things


Stella Whittingham

Hi Anni, your boys quilts are gorgeous. Good luck with the book.

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The day of rain was only a day of rain, not a week, so as far as doing photos for the book, all was well. I do empathise with those of you who have had no rain for SO long - I hope you all have a freaky day of rain soon!!

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