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August 10, 2009



Hi Anni. Lovely designs as always. As someone who has all your books, I am in favour of the book idea. I have just finished your "Celebrate" mat and really enjoyed it.

Elizabeth McMahon

Hi Annie, now I really don't care how I buy this, pattern or book, but being a card carrying 'bagaholic', have one I must. Certainly some serious carrying capacity in these beauties!!


I love the book idea as it may cost a little more but you can make more things so it is better in the long run. Love your punch needle patterns. Cheers for now....

Jo in TAS

I love the book idea too, more pictures is great and an extra couple of projects means it'll be good value.


Wonderful projects! I like the book idea!
Happy stitching, P


Gorgeous projects Anni! I prefer to buy a book than a pattern...I like pictures and more projects, and since I have all your other books, I will just HAVE to add it to my collection :)


Anni, I love that bag. When I first saw it I thought you had started to design little girls dresses. That would look wonderful as a little girls dress:) With a high yoke and pleated skirt just beautiful.


Hi there - this bag is gorgeous - I just hope you put the pattern out soon!


Oh I Love the Patchwork Bag..Gorgeous fabrics...Now I am a Book Girl...they have more Valure than a Pattern...
looking forward to your New Release..

Rachel D.

Difficult to make a choice. But, do we have to ? ;-)


Hello Annie,

What a great weekend in Nowra. I love meeting you and seeing all of your work. I also love the idea of a book (I know that I already have the patterns from the weekend) but you do get more pictures and patterns in a book.

Sandy (Number 47 - I won your pattern (Home Life) - thanks, I love it!!).


Hi Annie,yes I met you too at the nowra weekend and thoroughly enjoyed myself.I like the idea of a book.The notepads,purse,sunglass case would be ideal additions.Maybe an ipod cover?


I like both ideas but I think the book idea would be the best - it's just the waiting that will annoy me!


Hi Anni,
really lovely new designs! Because I love your books, I would prefer a new book!

Have a great time!


I like your books so I expect a book gets my vote also.


Gorgeous patterns as always Anni. Love the box pleats. My vote is in for a book too. It will be worth the wait!


Me too, iloooove books and i always take them out to look at. more then on single pattern....the bag and the other things are so cute. Love it.
Greetings from Germany


a book!
love pictures and additional accessories are always great!
love the pleats
I NEED to make this bag for my teenage girls, they will love it

Denise Barrett

Hi Anni,
I love the book idea. I have all your other books so I will have another one to add to my collection. I know the books maybe a little more expensive but you get more ideas and projects in them than having to buy the different patterns.


The book...I ditto all the sentiments above!!


Hi Annie, am a big fan of yours - have done many projects and my favourite to date is "the world as it should be" - love this book and love all the extras in it. A book is always nice to drewl over and much easier to find - good luck.


Oooh all gorgeous! Partial to the first bag especially.

I think a book is a great idea but I think they would individually all hold up as their own patterns as well.

May Britt

Please make a little book out of these wonderful patterns. I love more having books than patterns, because of the photos. And it is more fun to look into a book than the outside of a pattern. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase :)

Robyn...... of  'Robyn's Nest '

Anni, it just has to be a book.Not only do I seem to collect your books, but I think in the current financial climate (blah,blah I'm sounding like a pollie) you'd be doing us (the addicted stitchers) a great way to justify purchasing a book rather than a pattern. This also gives us (ditto) more money to spend on fabrics, floss etc..... to help support our favorite patchwork shop too ( I'll use anything as an excuse to support my stitching addiction ! )


I like the idea of the bag as a set with the accessories. Or how about the set of patterns and the individuals as well then one could purchase the set for a bit of a discount as compared to buying them piecemeal??

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