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August 24, 2009



Crazy weather hey!!!. It has been sooo hot here and it suppose to be winter....

I can't wait to see your new book.

Sandy N


Silly weahter we are having - the rain will refresh everything for a better photo shot later in the week!
Happy stitching, P


It is actually pouring rain here at the moment too. Every time I put towels on the line it seems to rain. No towels today thank goodness.


Amazing isn't it?? We've had 35 degrees up here in Brissy today .... and it's supposed to be still Winter???? I must admit, I did enjoy the warmth ;o).
Can't wait to see your new book!!!
Joy :o)


I'd be more than happy to have some rain, so I'll just enjoy your photo.

Maryanne P

Oh how I wish for some rain, I'm not too greedy, just enough to fill our water tanks again!!! We have no more stock, 6 sheep (pets now). Our 20 head of cattle have gone to market.


Well living on a dirt road there is one sure way to make it rain. Let the local council man come and grade the road.Yep he did it today made a real mess and then down came the rain, but can't complain, we need it.


well annie,its blowing a gale in Batemans bay at the moment after a couple of lovely "springish" days.cannot predict this weather at all.Rain would be nice though.Hope all is going well with the book and look forward to its release so i can get started on a boys quilt!!!

Erica K

It's starting to feel like fall here, big time! (I always think it's so funny that our seasons are opposite!) And for our part of the country, that means overcast days with lots of drizzle... *sigh* It also means darkness... *double sigh*

But it's okay, because as you said, it'll be great crafting weather! :)


nice weather and rainy window to have a nice tea.. and something yummy, maybe!
here in argentina we enjoyed today 27ÂșC spring is coming :)

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