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August 15, 2009



what a great idea! well done ladies! hopefully i'll get there next year and check them all out! get stitching girls!!

Queen of the Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries

Hi I might have to make a trip up there...not far from us...and join in the fun!!! Ingrid♥x


Sounds like a great challenge to be a part wondering whether I should "challenge" myself to do the same (minus the dip in the pool though!). I've been wanting to make A Family Gathering for quite a while.....hmmmmm.......

Erica K

Are all the 'image blocks' on that quilt applique? Good luck to those gals! :)


Hi Annie, I have purchased all my fabric and can't wait to start, but I am thinking about investing in a wetsuit just in case! Hope to see you next year, love Sharon x

Linda Miller

Hi Annie
Hope you are well. I must say I already have my first block done minus the stitching but the block is altogether.
I think I'll join Sharon and get a
See you next year love Linda xxx


god i hope they all finish their quilts on time lol


Oh ha! ha! that's hilarious! And when they get out freezing cold they will be warmly wrapped in the quilts which were finished in time!

kim goatcher

Dear Annie.
I think we have started something really big here. They are all very obsessed about doing there quilt there is a bit monkey buisness already started. Your like the Family Gathering's Queen at the moment and I don't think anyone is going to let you down (or drown in the freezing pool). I have already booked my quilt in to be quilted for June 2010.
Also thanks for teaching for me you were fantastic,everyone loved you.
I think our Jukejema Family Gathering's Group will become pretty special friends.Kim xxxx

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