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July 30, 2009



THose woollies look fantastic. Will have to put my hand up for your new book, my son needs a bit more of a grown up quilt on his book.


Oops I meant bed

Robyn...... of  'Robyn's Nest '

Anni,the colours are lovely, i've just finished redecorating my sons room (he'16 &1/2) 3 walls & his ceiling are cream the feature wall looks as if it's bee painted with cadburys dairy milk chocolate, his carpet's the same colour. He now has a queen size bed & is in need of a new quilt.


oohh those woolies look lovely. Think I will have to ask Karen to investigate them. Can't wait for the book!!

Nay C

ooh you keep teasing with the promies book after seeing the sneak peak in Loxton I have been telling everyone to look forward to it. The woollens look wonderful, earthy country and oh so Annie... cant wait to get started.

Maree .W

I Love the Woven Wool that you sell...I am Lovin these too...looking forward to seeing your New Quilts..


Hi Annie,
I fell in love with the pictures of your new book and there is a new boy coming for December...Wow, I hope some inspiration from your new book!!
Regards from Spain

Lyn Lindsay

Hi Anni,

Happy sewing, hope you keep up your energy, really am looking forward to the book, where and when do you see it happening, I'm in Brisbane.

Go girl!


hola ...desde EspaƱa un saludo muy especial ...tu blog me tiene fascinada gusta todo ..un abrazo


Love the woolies! I am going to NEED some of those new prints. Any idea when they are available?


Funny, my girls learned to cook because of the 'I-must-just-finish-this' attitude of their mother. Otherwise they'd have faded away by now! I shouln't think anyone will be very upset to have MORE projects when your book is a brown bear brown? do quilters like lots of ideas and projects? Ummmm....

Erica K

Wow...they really do look a lot like wool!

I like what I see...


oh your posts are definately whetting the appetite for upcoming book, very exciting :) ur so clever!

Danyell Bruton

With 4 boys I find there is so little out there for boys. I I am so looking forward to this book coming out. I am sure it will be just as great as your other books! Well done Anni.

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