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November 12, 2015


Christine B.

It looks fabulous.... can't wait to add it to my collection!! Hugs Christine x


Oh this looks amazing! Can't wait to see it in reality.
Hugs Martina


Oh can you do this to me! More YUMMINESS!


It looks lovely, Anni, and I can't wait to get my little mitts on my own copy!! Xxx

Christine O

Oh Anni it is beautiful!!! You are just so talented. Thank you for teasing us yet again and I cannot wait for my very own too :)

Un abrazo inmenso mi querida Anni desde Tenerife.


Can't wait to see it - but your goodies are hard to get in Brisbane.

Ana García

Hi Anni!!!
I need it..I need your new book...I want it!!!
Í'm very nervous waiting for the book will come soon to Spain!!!


Oh,It looks so great :-) I must have it :-)
Hugs :-)

Isa Coello

Qué bonito se ve, Anni! Qué ganas de añadirlo a mi colección de libros favoritos! Besos desde Tenerife!
Isa Coello

Anni Downs

Thanks Isa!


Sent from my iPad


Another wonderful achievement.


woohoo...........that means you finished.....looks great....let me know when they are in.........

Rachel Lane

Looks like a book crammed full of gorgeousness!! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy! Well done Anni x


Can't wait :)


Oh Anni !
The cover tells a lot !
I can't wait to leaf throught it.
I am sure it is just as great a book as all the previous ones.
I have also spotted a couple of small items : the watch and spool-case for example.


Qué ganas de comprar uno, estoy deseando tenerlo en mis manos!


Quiero hacer proyectos de ese libro, seguro me enamoran


Oh Anni!!
Tambien quiero comprar uno para añadir a mi biblioteca
Ana Maria


Looking forward to seeing your creations in this book.
Thanks for a great give-away!

Janette Clark

your work is sweet and kind

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