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October 19, 2015



Oh,beautiful fabrics. I belive I need some of them. Just by looking at your photo my favorite are those with clocks...and those with small flowers ....and every one of them :-)))
Now I'm waiting for your new book...
Hugs :-)


More scrummy fabrics from you! Clever girl!

Christine O

OMGosh they are gorgeous!!!! I so can't wait to use these when your new book comes out (no pressure - just excited). Congratulations x

Sian Husband

Hi Anni

Im just wondering when & where in the UK will I be able to buy your 'All in a day' fabric range?

Regards Sian


Oh my! How did I miss this post? LOve them.


To whom sees this email,
i am in need of the "my favorite things", panel also there is a panel i saw with 2 best friends that is out there somewhere so i just hope and pray i can find it to make a quilt of me and my friend to cherish. i realize this is a long while back that it was popular. But...i do not tire of your old fashion style of fabrics. Thanks for your time, Reva

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