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July 29, 2015



Can't wait...have missed Pete's whimsical stories!


I'm so looking forward to the new book. More fun to make. Just noe I'm aldring the first border on Natures Journey. Donnas SAL. :-)
Great quilt!
Rember to have fun on your busy story days :-)
Hugs :-)

Rachel Lane

You are a human Dynamo! 😉 I cannot wait to see more - patterns AND fabric - what more could we want?! Well, Pete's anecdotes of course!!xx


sounds very exciting.........good to hear you back doing it all yourself.......little worried about Petes stories.....LOL


Woohoo! How very exciting. Well done.

Anni Downs

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YAYAY!! Thanks Ondrea!


Sounds wonderful, Anni, looking forward to the new book, and great to hear that Pete's stories will be there too!


New book new book by Anni yeah!!

Christine O

Fantastic!!!! So looking forward to seeing glimpses of your day in your patterns and Pete's spin on them. And fabric too - you are amazing. Have a great week and thank you for sharing :)

Christine B.

How exciting Anni! Looking forward to the new book! :) x


Such exciting news, Anni, I can hardly wait!!!! Although I need a new project like I need a 'hole in my head' (lol!!!).
Enjoy Houston (and warmer weather). If you ever need a 'bag carrier' for your overseas sojourns, I'm MORE than happy to oblige😉😋


how exciting, can't wait.

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