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November 21, 2014


Christine B.

All I can say Anni is 'wow' and 'wow' again.... it looks fantastic!! Hope you get it finished and have a great time at Quilt Martket in Melbourne!! :) xx


What can I say... I definitely would not be able to do so :-)


Lovely! I wish I could be there to see it in person..........have a happy time......glad you are not quilting and driving!WE need you and your lovely designsxxx

Christine O

You are amazing!!! Safe travelling and enjoy yourselves.

Di Greig

Hey Anni, it looks amazing. It Might be the design to get my finger back to sewing, after a long break!
Shame i wasn't there to help out with the quilting! ( memories from one quilt show years ago... )
Di Greig

Di Greig

I forgot to ask... Is the quilt design a pattern or part of a book?
Guess i'll have to make a call to your shop.
Di Greig


Beautiful. wish I had the patience to do that!

Ondrea Delahoy

Gee, you sure are keen!

Marianne B

The fabrics are all beautiful! I do small and big quilts -- love quilting and sewing.
Thank you.

Pam White


Le rat des fils

I wish I could sew in a moving car... but...

Marlyne Clarke

First time I've seen your work and associated a name....I just love your color combinations. They are soothing. Your art work and quilts are just what I love!

Julie Carr

Hi, I luv to appliqué/ stitch using my own ideas that way u always get the look u luv. It fun too. Thanku.

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