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November 20, 2014



Oh Anni this looks amazing! I have only just bought home the fabric to start Gossip in the Garden! Have fun at Quilt Market, Kerryn from The Country Yard will be there!


I have no doubt you will be safe.........another hit quilt.......


Good luck, Anni!!!

lyn lindsay

Go Anni, so close, you'll get there, looking good... chug, chug, chug.


Be still my beating heart!! X

Christine B.

Good luck Anni! I love this quilt... it is stunning! :) xx

Holley Downs

Good luck and be safe! The quilt looks amazing! Oh, and have FUN!


It looks stunning!



Lovely, hope it works out!
Hugs Martina


Looks beautiful!

Jo in Tas

I wish I was going to be at AQM to see it in the flesh, it looks fabulous so far!


Wow, Anni, another wonderful quilt. Have fun at AQM.

Dawn Nealon

It looks great Anni, cant wait to see it completed! Have a wonderful time in Melb. kindest regards Dawn

Christine O

Oh my it is just gorgeous. Cx


It looks wonderful !!

Anni Downs

Thanks Christine!!


Sent from my iPad


Just lovely!

Le rat des fils

A wonderful glimpse !

Helen LeBrett

What a fantastic looking quilt!! Is it going to come up as a quilt pattern? Will you let us know if it does? Thanks, Helen in HeaLDSburg

Esther Guirado

The quilt is so beatiful!..I'm looking forward to buying the book about this projects. I'm pregnant but I don't know if a girl or a boy!. Your new fabrics are pretty ideals for me. When is book ready for buying?.
I hope you have a merry christmas!!

Heather Stockton

Wow, That is just absolutely stunning, I love it to bits. Happy stitching Anni.
regards Heather in Victoria.

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