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July 01, 2014


May Britt

It was so nice to join your class in Oslo. I am now stitching on all those small new stitcheries and remembering the fun we had that day :)

Christine B.

Oslo looks amazing... it has to go on my list of places to visit!! It must make you very proud when you travel half way round the world to find lots of beautiful versions of a project you designed! So glad you enjoyed Europe!! xx

Barb smith

Lovely travel & work documentary Anni I am enjoying it all.....
Great show & tell in Oslo...

Jo in Tas

Ooh I recognise some of those faces from Blogs. The ski jump looks pretty scary.


Oh Anni it looks like such fun over there. I think the lady with the shoe bag is my blog friend Grethe. lots of lovely work by the ladies as well.


Looks like you had a wonderful time! What a creative group of women!

Ondrea Delahoy

So, did you have a bit of a ski then? I recognise a couple of bloggers in those pics, May and Hanne. So many lovely items for show and tell. All your cleverness is proudly displayed in many countries now. Feel the love? Hehehe.


Thank you for a great class,it was lovely to meet you. Hope to be able to see you again.
Hugs :-)


that ski jump is would never get me near it.........I see some of my blog buddies faces there......they had a great time with you.........


So many of them !
Their works are georgeous !
This meeting with Katherine must have been a great time for you.
You must have gone back home with tons of photos!


Thanks, dear Anni, lovely seeing all your pictures from NYC as well as OSL. I enjoyed every minute of the whole day! Hope to come to another class with you soon :-)


I love the Angel Story in blue!

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