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June 30, 2014


Jo in Tas

So when did it go dark, and did it last long?

Anni Downs

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It would go dark at about 11.30 pm, then the sun would come up at about 3am. Silly me left the curtains open one night, expecting to wake up by the light
in the morning as I didnt have an alarm....didnt do that again heheh ;-)

Christine B.

Looks a beautiful place!! So glad you had such a nice time teaching there! :) xx


Another fabulous place steeped in history. New Zealand & Australia are so new!

Ondrea Delahoy

It is so hard to imagine night time in the daylight. Nightlight? Those buildings look so lovely all in different colours. Love the show and tell. I was lucky to receive an Anni bag with my subs to Simply Vintage yesterday at the Craft Fair in Melbourne. Doing the happy dance.


Oh Annie I can't believe you have been in France. My husband and I are in Belgium and I finally found my first patchwork shop in three weeks if being overseas in a beautiful town called Bruges. You will never guess what I saw on the front door of the store. A poster advertising your designs and asking people if they would like to join up with the BOM!!! I recognised it immediately.

Mont St Michel is AMAZING isn't it? We have been on a tour in some similar parts of France to you. But what I couldn't believe is that we were at the Eiffel Tower on the 24th and the Louvre on the 25th. If you like Paris, you would LOVE Bruges!! And they obviously love your work. Enjoy your trip.


The little houses on stilts how sweet they are !
I am so envious of all the women who were able to share a workshop with you. Sure they will remember it for Ever!


Looks beautiful over there. I can't believe the daylight hours you mentioned above. I would find that difficult I think. Sounds like a silly question, but did all the ladies in your class speak English? Was it easy to communicate your teaching?

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