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June 28, 2014



What an amazing looking place, such an old place.


Hi Anni - Thank you for sharing with us. I am so happy you enjoyed your stay in France. And I am still thrilled to have met you in Nantes. I had the most fabulous time chatting with you !! I LOVE your book and I would love to see you again in France. Or maybe I will have the chance to visit your sweet little shop one day ! I guess your daughter enjoyed the French patisseries and that she is now dreaming about coming to France to learn from our great chefs in patisserie :-)
Your trip looks amazing ! I cannot wait to read more and see your next pictures !
Thank you again for the time we spent together at the quilt market. I enjoyed every bit of it ! I would have loved to make this moment last forever ;-)
Many hugs from nataliejo :-)

Ondrea Delahoy

More fantastic pics. That cottage is a real Anni cottage I reckon. I can see an applique coming up. So many beautiful buildings and gorgeous scenery.


so old and historic...........


What gorgeous scenery. We loved Mt St Michel when we visited. You certainly discovered some beautiful places.

Christine B.

Beautiful photographs Anni! So glad you enjoyed your visit to France! xx


Hi Anni ! I hope you will come back to France soon !!! There are still some places to discover!!!

Jo in Tas

Wonder if we could do a girls trip there, looks beautiful!


Ho la la ! So many miles around Europe!
Thank you so much for such beautiful photos and for all the praises you wrote.
That little cottage is really cute !


What a dream trip! You have seen so much more of France than most tourists do. Love how your son is making a funny face in nearly every photo!


What a wonderful trip that looks like!!
Thanks for the pics :)

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