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June 25, 2014


Ondrea Delahoy

Wow! So many lovely pics. I followed some of your workshops via bloggers in Norway etc. They sure loved you as we do. Your daughter is gorgeous and those sweet treats look awesome. Are those the padlocks people throw in the river with their lovers? I was recently told about that from a lady who has just been over there. So good to see you back. Look forward to seeing some quilty pics soon.

Anni Downs

Hi Ondrea

It is wonderful to be back in blogland!!!

Yes, the padlocks are locked on the bridge, then the key is thrown into the river – such a lovely tradition, but it is amazing the bridge (now bridges!!) dont buckle with the weight of all those locks! Hopefully some quilty pics will be coming soon ;-)

Thanks for waiting



Nice to see you back Anni! Looks like an amazing family time!


It looks truly amazing. What a great adventure to have with your family.

lyn lindsay

Way to go Anni looks like a fabulous family time in that gorgeous place, Paris, hope there was lots of creative inspiration...your family is lovely your daughter is very beautiful and of course a handsome son.
Thanks for the blog entry always a joy to view and read.
Lyn, Brisbane

Christine B.

Hell Anni! Welcome back... you were missed! Loved hearing about your trip in France!! Those pastries and macarons are to die for aren't they?!! :) xx


Lovely photos of a very special time! Looks like you had great weather in Paris. So glad you all had such a special time.


Hi Anni, that beautiful experience with your family! I'm happy for your return.

Sandy Norman

Hi Anni.. Wow great photos. Glad you were able to share it with your family too. I just came back from Paris... I love it also. Sandyn


Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures of your visit to Paris. I'll never get there, so it was fun to see it from your prospective. Glad you had all that family time.


Nice to have news about you !!! I thought that your plane never come back to home with you !!! lol !!!! I was really happy to meet you in Nantes !!!! +++


What a delicious post Anni....looks like a fabulous time xo


What a lovely place to holiday.....and great you got to see it with your family.


about time you shared some day I hope to get there.......


Thank you Anni for the beautiful photos of Paris. I am really delighted that you loved our capital - and our cakes!
I hope you will be tempted to come again to see more of the city and try more of our "pâtisseries".


je suis contente que la France te plaise bien, la prochaine fois il faut visiter ma région : La ville de REIMS et son champagne !!!!

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