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March 25, 2014


Theodora Cleave

Bon Voyage to you all & have a magic time Anni


Hope you all have a truly wonderful time!! Looking forward to getting back to Bathurst and visiting the shop! X


What an amazing (if slightly exhausting!!) trip you've got planned - needless to say I am very jealous. I hope you and the family have an absolutely fantastic time - maybe next time you'll make it across the channel to 'Good Old Blighty'!!! Safe travels xx


P.S love the 'cake-a-licious' purse - baking is another one of my passions so I shall have to make one of these (I know, add it to the list!!)x


Safe travels and have a wonderful time (and I think you may need a bigger purse!)


Ohh La La !! Happy Travels to you Pete and the family. You will be greatly recieved in Europe. Your work is legendary.

May Britt

I have signed up for your class at Kathrines. So looking forward to meet you. This made me pull out An Angels Story and finish it. Just one yard of binding left to do.


I'm waiting for you !!!! I'm very excited too !! ;)


Your Trip sounds Awesome and Yes Anni the Pastries are Heavenly as is Their Bread! Have a Great Time ..


Bon voyage Anni and enjoy this wonderful experience!


What a fabulous trip and so great the family is going with you for the first part.

patricia quinnell

What a great time you are going to have lucky you and your lucky family


Oh my goodness, you are going to be busy, but, how exciting. I am sure you will have a wonderful time. Safe travels


Sounds like you have a lot of fun in store for you mixing work and travel. I hope you have a thoroughly enjoyable time with your family and meeting new people plus all the sightseeing and eating.

Pam White

Hi Anni, its so great to see you are sharing your love of quilting across the world. Have a brilliant and safe journey.

Tempus fugit

What a great trip you will make ! I can't wait to meet you ;)
Anne - Tempus fugit
P.S. : the purse is so cute !


Wow, great travels and adventures await!
Good luck and have fun! Trondheim is fantastic :)



Have a safe tripp. See you at Katrines Quiltestue ;-)


Fabulous Anni, i am so happy for you. You will just love it and especially with your family too, not to mention how many people who will be excited to meet you at class over there. Great have an awesome time.


I'm also in Nantes! I'm going to teach two workshops and have a booth over there: A7.
See you on Wednes evening, mayby we can have chat?


Love your new bag, looking forward seeing it for real :-)


Only 12 days.... and I meet you.... so good !!!!


How lucky are you! I hope you have a marvellous time and see lots of beautiful things, not just pastries and fabrics. Can't wait to hear all about it and see the photos.


bonsoir et merci pour toutes vos merveilleuses réalisations
jaime beaucoup le coté naif et la fraicheur de tous vos modeles
jai adorée vous renconter à nantes


Looking forward to meeting you on Thursday here in Oslo. My mom and I will attend your course - and we're very excited!

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