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February 26, 2014


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Anni, guess what :-) I also got this book today in my mailbox from Quiltmania :-))) Aaaaaahh! It is gorgeous, and so warm :-) Love it . Congratulations on your upcoming trip to France, I am sure you'll return with many awesome ideas :-)


How wonderful!

Christine B.

I already have my copy and it is beautiful!I love it! Congratulations!
Are you going to post a list of where you are going to be in Europe: would love to come and see you! :)


Congratulations again for this new book! I'm already looking for it, hope I find it in Spain. If you ever come to Europe, you should visit more countries than just France. I would also love to meet you. Best regards


Well done, Anni - you SOOO deserve all this goodness which is coming your way after all the hard work you do!! I'm very excited (and a wee bit envious) for you with your upcoming o/s trips, too!! Hope you have heaps of fun! My fun will be contained to this beautiful new book when I can get my hands on a copy of it ;-)


Anni - congratulations on your new book, it looks fab !
Guess what ? I will buy it from you directly in Nantes :-) Yes I am going to the quilt show !!!! It is a long way from home but not as long as yours :-) I made up my mind when I knew you were coming over. I could not miss you : I have wanted to meet you for so long !! It is so great you are coming to France !!! Thank you so much and enjoy your time there :-) See you soon :-)))) Wow I am so happy !


Guauuuu...qué MARAVILLA Anni. Tendré que conseguirlo como sea!!!
Un abrazo y muchas felicidades.


I am already in love with this book, that I have for 2 weeks. Good job !


Yay ! yay ! yay !!!
I've already get it !!!! and … OMG !! yes ! I will be there for your 2 workshops in Nantes !!!! Life is sooooo
good !


Wow Anni this looks absolutely gorgeous!! Have a fantastic trip to France - they are lucky to have you!x


Congratulations Anni, I look forward to purchasing this book. Have a wonderful time in Europe. Do you know if this book is in New Zealand stores?


Fantastic news Anni! Congratulations!
This book looks just wonderful :)

I'm sure you'll enjoy your visit to France!



Oh Anni, this looks fabulous! You must be over the moon!


Yay Anni. Congratulations.. Do you need a helper???? I am happy to come. Now I can post a picture of my bag on my blog.. Yay. LOVE the projects.... Will you be selling some in English?


Pam White

Oh my goodness you are doing so well, its wonderful to see. The few pictures you took from inside the book are fantastic. Have a great time.

Ondrea Delahoy

Woohoo! You really are a celebrity these days. Well done. I love Quilt Mania and Simply Vintage. They really highlight Aussie designers. Take a bow.


Hi Anni, your book looks lovely! I will ask my husband to give it to me for my birthday, it will be a perfect gift. Meanwhile, I really want to make your 'The world as it should be' quilt! Lots of fun ahead!

sue spargo

Hi Anni
Congratulations! Have a wonderful time in France. I have missed seeing you and Pete.
Take care

Denise Fuller

Book looks beautiful Anni - what else could we expect from you. Please WHERE can I get my hands on one.
Enjoy your trip to France but if you need someone to carry your bags I will be free to do so.



I bought it!


ONG Anni how wonderful...I'm so excited for you!!! Can't wait to get a copy now! Do you need a helper LOL!


Annie, qué contenta estoy!!! Ayer me regalé tu libro en español y ya lo tengo junto al de A boys Story, cuyo quilt estoy terminando de acolchar.
Enhorabuena por tu trabajo y gracias por hacernos un poquito más felices.
Un abrazo,


Hey Anni
I love your new book. and I am wondering if you are coming to Madrid CREATIVA fair.
It should be amazing!
I admire you.

Christine O

How exciting Anni!!! Congratulations . You are such an inspiration. Have a fantastic time.

Tempus fugit

The book seems wonderful and I can't wait having it in my hands ! It will be an honor to meet you in Nantes ;)

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