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November 06, 2013


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Christine B.

It's really looking cute Anni! :)

Mª Alba Marimon i Julià

Hola Anni,
Fa molt temps que et segueixo i l'altre dia vaig comprar-me el llibre "Un conte per Nadal".
He començat el primer bloc i estic entusiasmada.
Moltes gràcies per compartir amb nosaltres els teus dissenys.


Looking good!! I don't know how you accomplish so much!


Much enjoyed sneak peeks!


The more I see the more I like it :-) next year BOM? :-))))


Sinfully delicious!! xx


It's a bugger when life gets in the way isn't it? Seriously though, enjoy your young family while they are still at home. Time flies so very fast.

I am loving the quilt and I am impressed with how many posts you have put on your blog recently. * slapping my hand* Naughty Ondrea.

Holley Downs

Looking good! In love with it already!


Son fantásticas!!!
Te admiro!!
Saludos desde Tenerife.


flower are cute! :)

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