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November 14, 2013


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I am loving the look of this quilt. The fabric you have used is bright and happy as well as the use of paper piecing. I can not wait to see the finished layout.
I think it may be a 'must do' project for 2014.
Looking forward to seeing it when it is done.

Christine B.

Hi Anni! It is looking absolutely beautiful. Is this how you usually put together a quilt... make individual block you like and then fit them together or do you normally draw out a design first? Either way, this is lookg great!!

Christine O

Lovely Anni it is just gorgeous. You are one very talented artist indeed.


Wow. Anni.. Its looking great.. Now I will have a new quilt to make next year.. Yay



Dios mio, me encanta!!!lo quiero tener ahora mismo!!. Cuando va a salir al mercado las telas y el libro?. Un beso muy grande.


Wow.... I thought it would be beautiful, but never could imagine how beautiful!!! The thing is you've picked the fabrics that are so perfect for this design, the quilt looks so interesting!! Anni, if you decide it to be a book, will you be able to put a kit with similar fabrics together? I always have troubles to pick and choose :-)))


Be still my beating heart.....did you say Dresdens? Did I see Dresdens??? I LOVE dresdens. This new creation is growing beautifully. Keep going, surely the family doesn't need feeding, the washing can wait? :-)


it's coming together.........not long now.........


Gorgeous, can't wait to see the finished quilt top, excited!!! All my favourite hand stitching techniques!


Take care of your hair :))
The process looks wonderful, a little vintage and so sweet!



This is gorgeous! I have to admit, as it is so different from your usual colours I wasn't quite sure at the start, but I absolutely love it - yet another pattern to add to the pile (one day I will get round to making a whole quilt AND keeping it!) Thank you for being such an inspiration!x

Holley Downs

This is going to be beautiful!!! I love putting some of my quilts together like this. . . you gotta love it when a plan comes together! Thanks for the inspiration and sharing your gorgeous projects!!! P.S. Love Dresden Plates!!!

Sandra Paschkow

Anni it's beautiful, looks like an amazing story is unfolding. Can't wait to see the finished product. Love the birds. It seems to have everything - applique, dresdens, hexagons, windmills etc. It's magnificent!

Bobbi Buller

Just stunning! You are truly an amazing person! I just love how you think! Can't wait until its done. I've added it to my list of projects to do, you know that list that never ends!


It looks beautiful!

Dawn Nealon

Hi Anni your new quilt is looking georgous.As always I am very inspired by your designs. Sewing your "In your garden" quilt was a challenge as I am sure this one will be. Looking forward to your new quilt being my next big challenge. Dawn


This being beatiful!!

Pam White

Hi Anni, It looks fantastic! Keep up the good work, love your designs!Pam

Le rat des fils

:-) Wonderful :-)


Very pretty quilt Anni! Love the fabrics you've used. Are they yours?


Nice.... Nice..... very Nice.....

Meg James

Don't the unplanned things in life always work out the best Anni !!!


Gorgeous! I can't wait to start it!!!

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