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February 19, 2013



Wow, Anni!! Have a WONDERFUL time!! (Wish I lived over there so I could attend.. ;) the sampler looks beautiful! Glad you enjoyed the chocolates, they're a tad addictive!


NZ is so beautiful......please remember to come back. Stitching and hexies make a perfect combination, I can't wait to see it.


Oh would be fun to do one of your classes!!!!

Natalia aka Koala

I love this little hexagone with a bird, Anni, it' s so cute :-)
Lucky Newzealanders, what can I say :-) But I am enjoying my BOM, almost done with the first part :-)

Christine B.

Cute! Cute! Cute! Wish I lived close enough to come for a class! Perhaps you should venture further to Europe!! :)

Karen  in NZ.

Hi Anni, do you know what you will be doing? I would love to meet you. I haven't done any classes yet, so I'd like to see what's involved. :)


Looking very beautiful!!!!
Love, Martine


Oh, how I wish I could attend one of your classes...!
Have a nice wonderful time in NZ!


Hi Anni... They are going to LOVE you and your work up close... LOVE the hexies.

Hey do you need a travel


chris Klein

looking forward to seeing the finished sampler !!


How wonderful! You will have soooo much fun. I have never been overseas, don't know if I ever will really. I love those hexies and the stitchery. Can't wait to see it all. Angel hugs.

chris Klein

Do you think you might have it as a kit or pattern when you get home? Lost when I don't have any hand sewing !!

Le rat des fils

Lucky Girl !
New Zealand, a destination that makes me dream...

Dawn Nealon

Hi Anni,
As always I just love your designs. The bag looks georgous!!
Have a lovely time in NZ.


Fabulous Anni - they are sure to just love your workshops and NZ is such a beautiful place to visit, will be great for you to teach there.

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