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January 30, 2013



Hi Anni... Hey I am first to comment again..

So glad you went on a holiday.. you deserve it... I know what you are saying about our children driving... Wait until they go out by themselves.... HELP..

LOVE your new pattern/patterns... Are they coming out as a kit?? Sandy N


oh nice pattern.........didn't see that to catch up........don't feel guilty about having a holiday.......

Anni Downs

HI all

Yes, I should have mentioned, kits are available!!

Best wishes



I love your new Sewing Day you have a kit for it..would love to buy one.


Everyone deseres a holiday at some your new angel and the way you put it together...need the pattern now....

Carmen Garrido

Hi Anni, nice to meet you, I love everything you do, this last quilt is wonderful, the fabrics are delicious, as always. I'm a Spanish girl who admires you and follow you.
A greeting.
My blog


Glad you are all ok! Such bizarre extremes, fires, floods!
Oh happy days with driving lesson's, I too am teaching my son, I must say he is very good, he has given me the odd extra grey hair though!
Beautiful wall hanging, I love how the hexies look like they are floating.


Oh good on your for having a holiday. Great to see you back and blogging! I love the wee pattern, super cute. Another for my list....

Christine B.

Hello Anni, glad you treated yourself to some 'you' time and I simply love the new 'Sewing Day Angel' pattern. :)


Good on you Annie for taking the time out for the family but teaching your daughter to drive aaahhh!! Have had to do that twice hubby said he didn't have the patience so it was up to me. I found the parking the hardest. I paid for some lessons to cover that. Parenting!! Thank god we have sewing. Ha Ha

Natalia aka Koala

Great to hear you again :-) do not feel guilty, we all need holidays every now and then! I love your new design, it's beautiful as always :-)


Great to read you, Anni ! I love it so much when your blog is updated :-) Your design is awesome as always and I love the soft colours.
I will keep my fingers crossed ;-)


Lovely pattern !!


Lovely to hear from you and glad you and yours are okay. Your newest design is simply serene.


I'm glad your back!!! I adore the new pattern!!!
Love, Martine


So nice to see you back here but you really shouldn't feel guilty for taking some time for yourself. I have just completed your latest 2 stitcheries and now that I have seen this gorgeous angel I shall have to stitch her too when she is available to buy.

Chris K

When will it be available to buy! I love it!

Anni Downs

HI Chris

The kit is available now and can be bought from either of my two websites – under new patterns (just state you want it as a kit in the comment box there), or on Hopefully your local patchwork shop have
the patterns available also ;) - glad you love it!! :)

Best wishes



Hi Anni,

I, too, was wondering about the bad weather down/way out there. I love the modern sampler pattern! I can't wait to get one. I think all parents should let a professional driving teacher teach your kids to drive. Saves on the nerves :) Do you fill many orders for us in the USA, and is the shipping really expensive?

Great to hear from you.



Lovely new pattern! I am with you on the driving thing.....Im sure that's why the driving instructors get paid heaps!


Love it...:0))) pretty and fabulous as ever!!
Happy to hear you took time out and had a very much needed to charge batteries!!:0) take care!!!


Never feel guilty about time out with the family - it is far too easy to get caught up in life, and not exactly 'forget' the things that matter, but not really have the time to enjoy them. Glad you got to have a break - love the new pattern by the way, as always!!x

Holley Downs

Glad you are back! Love this new pattern and can't wait to do one! Good luck with the driving lessons. The hardest part is when they leave you standing as they drive off. I can't begin to tell you what a sinking feeling that was! The good thing is that it is short lived and then you get really accustomed to having someone help you run errands...and on and on! Keep the creative juices flowing!

Le rat des fils

Keep calm and carry on !
Your new pattern is so sweet, I love it !


Such a lovely stitched angel! And the quilt looks so sweet :)
Have fun!


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