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December 10, 2012



Hi Anni.. Wow loving your new designs... more to put on my christmas wish list...

When will the fabric be available to purchase?

... Have a great christmas Anni...

Miss Thimble

What a beautiful table runner! Yet another design to put on the To Do list.

Merry Christmas to you and your family. :)


I love it!!! I bought some of your fabrics and I already know what I'm going to make, now I've got to find the time :-)
Have a nice day, Martine

Christine B.

Hi Anni! This project is just the cutest!! Can't wait for my 'Love to Garden' fabrics to arrive!! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and peace and happiness for the New Year! :)


That is awesome!!!! I like the dark brown background.


You are so talented. I'm just loving this!!


Oh I love this tablerunner! So cosy and cute!!


Kath Hintz

Now isnt that just a bit cute. Added to my wish list too.
Just love your creativity Anni.




Ohhhh ! This is SO wonderful !!!
I love this new pattern !! Each new pattern is more beautiful... what is your secret ??
Have a beautiful Christmas !

Koala (Natalia)

Such a beautiful project!! When will it be available in your shop, Anni? It's so tempting :-)
Merry Christmas to you and your family, I wish you all the best in a New Year!!!

Holley Downs

As usual your project is the whimsy you put into your work! I am trying to locate your fabrics here in the U.S. I do have your books, but would love some of your patterns also. Do you think the BOM will be available in Georgia? Merry Christmas and I hope you have a wonderful, happy, and healthy New Year!


Love it Anni....your projects always make me smile...wonderful and just perfect!!! Happy Holidays!!!

Meg Howie

Hi Annie, again I love it. You have so many ideas in your head, you must never sleep. Another pattern that I have to make. Well done

Noela Young

Love this table runner Anni. Just beautiful. Hugs.....


Another lovely pattern!!! It really is a garden path. The brown does set it all off beautifully. LOve the pots and watering can.

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