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December 05, 2012


Koala (Natalia)

Oh Anni, it was worth waiting :-)) I LOVE the quilt!! I will be doing this BOM for sure :-))


That is a great quilt & will sure to be a winner.....with the name Tillie....that's what my Dad calls me!

Paulette Doyle

Gorgeous!! Well worth the wait!!

Christine B.

Hi Anni, what a fabulous quilt. I am sure it will be a big success. Love the cover design! Well done! :)

May Britt

I love it!!!

Barbara L.

It's absolutely gorgeous. Another kit I will just have to have because Tillie was my Grandmother's name!

Thimble Room

Just beautiful! I was looking forward to seeing the whole quilt top. :)


It's gorgeous, love it!


Absolutely charming!!


Le rat des fils

I love it !


Wow! I have to say that it was well worth waiting for. You can't be blogging and creating at the same time. Congratulations.

Donna Coombes

Its very nice - I have already signed up for this quilt

Holley Downs

Absolutely worth the wait! Love it!


Really nice!! It had many desires of seeing it finished, and the result is spectacular. Congratulations.
Mª Carmen.

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