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November 16, 2012



Fantastic !!!! :o)!!!!


Aaaaaah, you know that this groupie covets a place in your BOM program (with the fabric, please! ;) ) x


One more time it is some quilt of wonderful !!!!!
It is absolutely splendid !!!!


I cant get the link for the new shop to open :( can we sign up for the BOM now (with fabric)? thanks

Deb R

This is a gorgeous quilt, loving the new fabric range too...I will have to get Margaret to add me to the BOM list :)

Christine B.

Hi Anni! This quilt looks such fun and I love your new look website! Congratulations!! :)

Thimble Room

Beautiful! (Both the quilt and the new fabric line. :D)


I just love the name of this quilt, it's my childhood nickname, Tilly!
Gorgeous design, but I've not the skill to make it...


It is JUST BEAUTIFUL. that is all I need to say.

Le rat des fils

Probably at the top of my Christmas wish list this year.


Looks fabulous!

Anni Downs

Great hearing from you Cardy Girl!

Hope all is well from you – Im guessing youre all tied up making bags bags bags for Christmas??! ;)


Holley Downs

Love the new quilt and the fabric...I just got two more of your books! They are are great...becoming quite addicted to handwork/embroidery on my quilts! Thanks for the inspiration!


Wow Anni.. LOVING the new quilt...
and fabric. I hope the fabric will be there next Saturday???? Hope you see you at the blogging meet.


Koala (Natalia)

Oh! I knew it would be a very beautiful quilt! I'm definitely going to join the BOM! Will it be available through your new web-site?


Fabulous Anni..looking forward to the Kits


Hi Anni,
What a beautiful quilt!
I love your last range of fabric too. I ordered a bundle and I planify some new little things:-)


Annie, I enjoyed looking at this lovely pattern & your fabric range with Kerryn, I am sure this will go well at the shop!
Happy quilting!


Woohoo! Well worth the wait and all your hard work! Looks fantastic Anni.


The quilt is adorable!!
And I like your shop's new look :)


Bobbi Buller

It's stunning! I just love it!

Mazie C

would love to join your BOM with fabrics. Will you let us know through your blog when we can sign up for it?


Gorgeous Anni! Makes me smile just looking at it.

Donna Coombes

the BOM looks great - can't wait to do this one

 Aguinaldo Stephan

I certainly love quilts. These designs are cool. Love it!

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