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October 31, 2012



Oh..... Annie it looks pretty!
Lovely fabrics are they from one of your lines?


Your works are beautiful Annie... I'm your big fan. A special greeting from Tulua, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

Koala (Natalia)

Hi Anni, it's funny, but I also don't like finishing things I like doing! Anyway, I'm so thrilled to see your new quilt! Btw, what kind of sewing machine do you quilt it with?

Christine B.

Hi Anni, your quilt looks so cute. I am sure you will think of the perfect name. I agree with you that finishing a project you are enjoying can sometimes be a bit of a let down but, this quilt isn't quite finished yet, so enjoy the quilting part! :)

Thimble Room

For me, finishing a quilt is the ultimate reward for my patience in sewing it - so I tend to finish it as soon as I can. Afterwards I spend who-knows-how-long draping it over everything just to look at it. Weird? Maybe. But a lot of fun!

Deb R

Are you Libran? Im indecisive too!! The quilt looks gorgeous, cant wait to see it...not indecisive on your designs thou!! Love them!!

Christine Book

Hi Annie, Your biggest groupie just loves your newest quilt !!! Yes I too find it difficult to finish something I've really loved working on,can't visit with it any, the solution ??? Have many WIP's and enjoy visiting with them all...every now and then you get to finish something!!! LOL Glad to hear Tim (your little elf)is OK.


Hi Anni, the quilt looks very beautiful, can't wait to see it!!!
Maybe you can have a contest for the name. Tonight I'm finishing the top of my SKoW. I've got 3,5 hours to finish it and post it on the SAL blog.
So take care,

Bobbi Buller

Yes I to can be slow to finish a project. The quilting is not something I rush to do, unless I've got a deadline. Then I put it off until the last moment and spend every waking moment finishing it!! Good Luck, can't wait to see it. I'm eager to buy the pattern too!


I am really looking forward to seeing the completed quilt. Sometimes procrastination is good because you don't just jump into something and regret it later. I reckon "Almost There" would be a good name for it LOL. I just bought 2 of your stitchery patterns and was delighted to see both the traceable pattern and iron on transfer included. I really like that.

You are so teasing with these little snapshots! I am so eager to see it!
I think you could run a "name this quilt" competition - I'd call this work of loveliness "Gardener's Glory."


Hi Anni ! I feel exactly the same after a good book or after finishing a quilt....I was like that after my own Some Kind of Wonderful quilt was finished... like an orphan !! so I'm waiting for your new quilt !!!!
The name will be great ! I'm sure !


Hi Anni, I can't wait to see the quilt. I love the new web site. I thought I had clicked on the wrong site. It is so clean and fresh looking!! I love to hand quilt too, but not enough time. I have to send it to the quilter to get it back in this lifetime :)



I love your quilts (and hope to make at least one someday :) ).
Good luck with finishing and naming your new quilt!


Holley Downs

Love it! Can't wait to see it completed!


I know exactly what you mean - I think I enjoy the process as much as the finish (at least that is what I tell myself every time I add yet another UFO to the pile and start a new one!) We were exactly the same with naming our boys - the first one was known as 'Sam-we-think' by the nurses for the 4 days we were in hospital, and with the younger one, the nurses actually provided us with a book of baby names after he was born, as we had girls names by the dozen, but no boys!! Still, they turned out alright in the end!! Good luck finishing the quilt - have fun!x


It looks AAAMAZZING (as usual, Anni ;) ) hope it will be available to purchase as a kit?? Can't wait to see it finished!! X

jan calvert

Love the new quilt and fabrics!!...but could not access the new website>>>>looking forward to seeing it!!

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