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July 02, 2012


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Thank you for the eye candy. Looks fabulous!


Anni... You have been a busy girl.... LOVE all of your new patterns...



Strangely enough I actually am drinking a hot chocolate at the moment LOL. I missed you but it was worth your time experiencing all those wonderful people and things so you can come up with more gorgeous designs for us all.


it sure was a busy time for you........great to catch up soon.........


You have been such a busy girl! Your stall looked wonderful in Sydney. Audrey shared her delicous slice with us too! Can't wait to start some of the projects in the new book.

Shirley Radford Pearce

Oh Annie!
Remember me, I am the one who emailed you about getting a signed copy of your book. I live in St. Louis and my daughter live just miles from Kansas City! I would have been just thrilled to pieces to see you and driving 500 miles round trip would have been no problem!

Most certainly happy you were able to get to my part of the country. Gotta follow your travels more closely....

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