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March 05, 2012



Wow this is such a different quilt to what I'm used to seeing you make....very nice though. Glad you sorted the pattern dilemma.On ward & up!


Your quilt is beautiful and different...which is probably one of the reasons I like it so well. Yay on the photographs, they look so great!


Love, love, love this quilt, it is so different, which makes it that much more loveable. Hope, fingers crossed, it will come out in a kit!!


Wow Anni... Here is the quilt I spotted... LOVE IT.

Love the idea that you will provide both options for your patterns...



Waw ! Very original !
I like it !


What a lovely setting for a quilt, and, more importantly, what a beautiful quilt!

Patricia Quinnell

love the chocolate wheel and I am sure I have found a quilt my 23 year old son might like me to make for him.

chris Klein

will your chocolate wheel be a BOM or available as a kit. Thanks Chris Klein


Love this Anni!

Sue Spargo

Love this quilt Annie! Maybe even more than I love chocolate and you know I am crazy about that.
Looking forward to my visit.


Es hermoso!!!!!!!Eres una talentosa por naturaleza !!!! un saludo Vero


Very nice and so tasty quilt, Anni!


ciao Anni,
i am in love with this quilt.
At "the home patch" there is the pattern, but it is also written that the kit is available for 178 $.
the problem is you can only order the pattern.
how can i buy the kit please?


The quilt and the photos are stunning. I'd love to see a kit for that quilt.

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