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February 15, 2012



big decisions! I guess in these economic times the old way of tracing them onto your fabric choice is a winner. But I guess for some a few extra dollars won't make much difference......Ok I'm not much help either!!!

Jennifer Dancy

Transfer, please! While I like linen, I prefer options!


Lovely to see you back with more beautiful designs. I like doing my own tracing - it's part of the therapy! I have used iron-on but didn't enjoy that method. Pre-printed would be ok, as long as a paper copy was included. I love your work, regardless of which method you choose!


Hi Annie, It certainly is a big decision. I like the iron on transfer because you can have a choice with the fabric and it won't make it a lot more expensive, but as you said they do move and leave a wider line to follow. I don't mind tracing either. The ones with the transfer ironed on are a lot more expensive, the ones I have seen are around $40-$45 for the kit. I personally think that's a lot. Good luck with your decision making.


I prefer the pre printed like you have already in your patterns - with iron on you have to complete it asap because they fade.


I prefer to trace them on - I have used preprinted which is good too, but as you said dearer. Don't like the iron on - they fade and can move. Love the colours, by the way!

Anni Downs

HI Jennifer

You are SO decisive!!! THANK YOU – I LOVE your answer ;)

Best wishes



transfers sound great.... but to be honest if someone whats to buy a pattern, we accept the format it comes in.


I like to trace my own so I can select my own fabric and somtimes I just like to mix thingsw up a little and cange wording or add a name etc so preprinted would probably discourage me a little

Jo in Tas

I like transfers. Linen can be hard to trace through and I do like to use other fabrics too but in the end if I really want a pattern I'm happy to pay whatever the asking price :-)


Preprinted sounds better for me - I'm not good at tracing pictures onto fabrique :-(


I hate the tracing part but do like to be able to pick what fabric the design goes on. I think that while the iron on is great, I do like a paper copy in case I want to do the design a couple of times. Even though some iron ons are made for reuse the quality tends to deteriorate after the first use.

Cheryl Horsburgh

Hi Anni - so many mixed opinions. I'm not too keen on the iron-on option - no matter how much I follow the instructions that come with them invariably some sections do not iron-on properly. Either the pre-printed on linen sounds lovely, or trace it myself

Sheryl W

I like iron on myself..more versatility!


Hi Anni...aah procrastination! I like to trace or iron on would be my choice!


can we discuss this over coffee on Friday........i'll bring the coffee.........or hot chocolate........


I like pre-printed, and don't mind if it is a bit more for linen. But I do like to also have a paper copy of the pattern as well, so I can make another of the design, as it is always nice to be able to make a gift for someone special.


I love the idea of preprinted linen.With a copy of the design with the pattern. Pre print on quality fabric is a must.What about the shop keepers purchase the pre print separately and can offer this when pattern is purchased??

Sew Create It - Jane

I think transfers are the way to will be more affordable and it gives people the flexibility to choose their own fabrics...


It seems like there is a lot of pre-printing on linen going on these days! For me... I usually like to use different background fabrics and am happy to draw on the design.
Thanks for asking!

Sue H.

I like the idea of the linen, but actually prefer the freedom of tracing the design onto fabric of my choice . . .

Heather Brown

Hi Anni
Personally, I'm happy to draw on the design, this leaves me free to make some personalisation to the design if it suits.
I use a transfer paper that is available in black white or yellow, or just freehand the transfer, depending on the individual project. I did find, when I had the shop though, that there are people who like to be able to just pick up and do, but most of these were also very VERY price conscious......Personally I like to chose my background fabric and then the colours that suit that.....


Hi Anni
I prefer to trace but also don't mind the iron on method as long as there is a paper copy of the pattern to trace. Once I find a great pattern, I make it for myself and for birthday gifts, so it gets used quite a bit and i find the iron on fades over time. I don't like pre printed on linen as i like to choose my own background fabric. As much as I love stitching, if the pattern price is greatly increased by the addition of pre printed linen it would make me think twice. There are some great comments above....good luck with your decision.

Robyn of 'Robyns Nest'

Hey Anni, have you tried the way Kathy Schmitz does her patterns?
The stitchery design is reversed, you then photocopy the pattern onto the paper side of freezer paper. You then iron the paper onto the wrong side of the fabric....... why is this so good you might ask??? Well the design is then the right way around to trace onto the fabric & attached to the fabric until you decide to remove it. So if you don't get it traced all at once, it dosen't matter there's no problem in tyring to line thing up again. You can use a light box, your TV ,a window what ever ! And if you use Reynolds A4 freezer paper you can use it more than once. I've found the thinner freezer paper bought by the metre only lasts for 1-2 uses
Can you tell I really love this method

Ellyn Z

since I am across the ocean and it is already expensive to get your lovely designs, I vote for a pattern I can trace...

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