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February 03, 2012


Koala (Natalia)

It's great to hear you, Anni :-) Please, take care and have more time for your-self, we'll be patiently waiting for your new projects :-)))
Your new quilt is gorgeous! Will there be a kit for this one?

Kris Young

It's good to have you back, Anni!! I truly know how hectic life can get!!! Hope 2012 is your best one yet!! Kris


It's hard to slow down when life gets crazy like that, but finding a balance is so important. I'm glad you're able to do that. And I love the new quilt! :0)


Your year was certainly very busy!
And this Chocolate (mmmm :) )quilt is so beautiful!!



Hi !!! Your quilt is so different from what i am use to seeing you make, but it is lovely.

Maria do Carmo Pezzuto

FELIZ ANO NOVO!!!FELIZ ANO TODO!!!É isso mesmo às vezes temos que retroceder,e ou pisar no freio devagar,não parar,diminuir no engarrafamento,seguir com confiança e perseverança.Fique com DEUS.Beijos.

Heather Brown

Understand....high achieving women have a habit of setting the bar very high for themselves in terms of achievement..... fabulous it it but it is very tiring when it all catches up..... good on you that you've done that thinking about now have to be strong and say no to yourself and others when there is the temptation to revert to those same busy doing things....that don't fit the new direction..... we are sometimes our own worst enemies whilst being our own best friend.


Annie, please take time to smell the roses this year. We cannot care for others if we do not care for ourselves. Having said that, I do love your fabric range which I recently purchased and am so glad you took time to get that designed, printed and released. Same with your books. Enjoy this year.

Jo in Tas

Sounds like 2011 was choc full for you, and it sounds like 2012 has kicked off very busy too! I hope you get time for yourself this year Annie, you deserve some "ME" time just like everybody else.


Anni... You deserve a break and time out. Hope you start to feel "human" again...




Hi Anni, you have given to us (atleast to me) so much in these past few years... I think YOU and just YOU really deserve some ME time! Enjoy this year more than the last one;o)


Oohh! This quilt is spectacular, grandiose, awesoome...


Hi annie.I hear you when you say step back..but its not always easy is it? as we get older, it is sooooooo your new quilt and all you do..but please do what Ondrea says..take time to smell the roses..if not..its all in vain...have a great 2012..but please slow down..we want to see you here for a few years yet..even if its a while in

Sue from Cyprus

Glad you are back Anni. Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers! Just make sure your feet touch the ground this year and don't commit yourself to too much.

By the way Anni, I thought the Henry Glass giveaway was a separate giveaway. Each designer was contributing to that giveaway, but each designer was having their own personal giveaway aswell. Maybe I got it wrong but I when I read the other designers blogs, they had separate ones aswell.


Lovely to hear from you and Glad to hear you have taken a step back us Mum's and Business Woman need to do that from time to time..
Love your New Quilt..

Deb R

Great to hear you have taken time for yourself, Enjoy it for as long as you the colours in the new quilt. Keep smiling
Deb :)

Le rat des fils

"Chocolate wheel" that is a delicious name for a beautiful quilt, and a guarantee of no calorie.
A style and colours different from your usual patterns but I love it.
Snowy kisses from France.


Love that choccy delight! Take care of yourself... X


Hi Anni,
I am sooooo glad all is okay; I was one of "those" people who had every intention of emailing to see how you were but just didn't quite get there - I think I am at that point when you said "enough"!! Some major changes need to be made... looking forward to a wonderful year of your creations (feel free to take your time, I need to catch up!) Smiles x


Dear Anni - your designs and patterns provide so much delight and inspiration for others it is only fair that some of that joy comes back to enjoy a year of happiness with your family and friends, and rest assured that all of us fans of your work will continue to appreciate all the love and perspiration that goes in to your wonderful designs (:>)

Lenna Green

We all need to remember from time to time that life is not an emergency.It should not be a race to the finish, even though it feels like it at times.Take time out for yourself and your family, because that is the really important stuff.
Hiding under a rock for a while is good for the soul.


Missed you on our annual trip to Bathurst. Hope 2012 is more relaxed Take care

chris Klein

Hi Annie, so glad your still in the land of the living (just !!). Us girls just have to learn to say NO! Not easy though when you want to please everyone. Hope you can slow down. Wish I could send you my cleaning and ironing fairies but they've been very slack-you just can't rely on them. You have to laugh. Love your choc quilt,yummy. Keep smiling. XX Chris Klein

Helene Glaes

So wonderful.... You are so fantastic...


love this quilt Anni........goodluck for 2012...........hope things settle down for you........but you never know what is around the corner so enjoy each day for what it is........

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